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Interested in seeing how the roads in your community are performing? Thanks to CrashMap we have put together a map which shows all of the reported injury collisions on the roads in Berkshire.

The map also includes all of the speed camera sites across Berkshire for fixed and mobile cameras operated by Thames Valley Police.

My Roads

Delivering Road Safety

We are committed to safe roads and communities across Berkshire and beyond. Safer Roads is a partnership between the local authorities in Berkshire (Bracknell Forest, Slough, Windsor and Maidenhead, West Berkshire and Wokingham) working progressively to reduce road casualties in the area. United through a common identity, Safer Roads delivers high quality, award winning road safety initiatives while maintaining the benefits and efficiency of working together.

We are committed to a programme of reducing road casualties through a combination of education, engineering and enforcement. We actively promotes training programmes, events and courses, to encourage safer road use for both children and adults.

Promoting Change

We work to promote more active forms of travel such as cycling and walking as well as the use of the public transport network

There are countless benefits to using more active modes of travel, such as improvements to general health and well-being, improving air quality and the environment, and reducing congestion and travel times.


We deliver a wide range of highly regarded and award winning education in; schools, businesses, through public events and to community groups. As a collection of local authorities our aim is to educate as a preventative measure when it comes to safety and to promote public and active travel as a way to improve the health, well-being and the environment in our communities.

Range of Education

Campaign Audience Level
Drivestart Young Drivers KS4
Safer Steps Pedestrians KS2
Urban Limits Cycling Adults
Bikes and Big Trucks Cycling KS2
Flourish Mature Adult
Road Rangers Pedestrian Early Years
Scooter Heroes Scooters KS1
Booster Boy Car Seats KS2

List of campaigns available in Safer Roads Berkshire. Not all campaigns are delivered in all of the participating local authorities.


We have prepared some of the very best advice for a range of topics related to road safety.

Find out more below.



Information on what to do if you have been issued with a ticket for an offence.

Tickets are issued and controlled by Thames Valley Police. If you have an enquiry relating to a specific ticket then you can contact them here.


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If you would like to talk to someone about an issue in Berkshire then you can use this contact form to get in touch with us.

Questions relating to a specific local authority within Berkshire will be passed to the relevant officer.

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